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. killed, including u.s. ambassador at a former navy seal from massachusetts. he lived his life to the fullest. y brother, but if you he is theirnds, brother as well. the u.s. has warships and surveillance drones adding to libya. actress in the movie who started it all said she was duped. never any mention of muhammed. film was called characterrior and the is called george. the filmmaker change it afterward. tell the world was in you that did it. who wrote the one tired of thee i'm radical muslims. a lot of questions about just o made a 40 minute film. journal named a be is but it appears to several aliases. authorities are bracing for tomorrow. of prayer for day muslims. >> thank you. our continuing coverage of the violence continues. how safe are americans at middle east?the will have a look at that at 6:00. a disturbing discovery at atm inside a local hospital. at the was found hospital's cardiac care unit. concerns there could many victims who don't even their personal information has been stolen. police say people started asplaining about their cards checking their statemen
have hundreds flooded the u.s. embassyde the yelling, burn usa. protesters continued to clash on the streets of cairo where tear-gas was used to control the mob. the most violent video comes out of yemen where police opened to keep crowds back from . embassy where yesterday, protesters got the security gate, windows and destroying security cameras. were those four were killed, apparently had designed the on 9/11. the attack was preplanned, but house had no advance warning. anyhat we were not aware of of intelligence u.s.ating an attack on the was planned or imminent. the report is false. >> the catalyst appears to be film that many say blasphemous and denigrating the profit muhammed. video is blocked in libya. >> our continuing coverage of t violence and how military is handling it at 6:00.continue >> universities are safe after a earliereat evacuation toy. a man with a middle eastern called the university of texas and claimed to have placed the he said that the bonds will go off in 90 minutes. north dakota state university also evacuated. the message says it was bec
more military to help today before visiting the state department to express sympathy. no u.s. ambassador had been killed since 1979. >> how could this happen? how could this happen in a country we helped liberate in a city we help save from destruction? >> ambassador stevena was reportedly -- ambassador stevens was helping others evacuate. it was the 11th's anniversary. >> we apologize to the american people. >> flags around washington were lower, and they were wondering if it was the work of al qaeda. >> our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. make no mistake. justice will be done. >> there are worries of more rioting. they have the afghanistan government access to youtube shutdown. we will hear from officials who do believe that the attack in libya was rightly from al qaeda. that is coming up tonight at 6:00. >> scott thank you. and helping a country and strengthening ties to the u.s. working with democracy was nothing new for christopher stevens. rebecca cooper has more. >> friends and colleagues say that both libyans and americans are mourning th
in that evening and i was alarmed. >> the suspect is believed to be hispanic and in his late 20s. he has a thin build, short black hair, brown eyes and was wearing blue jeans. one resident is now nervous. >> the i check my surroundings every time i walked out the door and every time i go inside. it is an eerie feeling. >> fairfax county police tell us the suspect was not alarmed. the lead to a victim was not seriously injured. >> more than a dozen people, mostly children, are recovering after a swarm of yellow jackets stun them. that happened at temple emanu-el religious school. 10 staff members were participating wednesday disrupted a hive and ended up getting stung. everyone was taken to hospital with minor injuries but luckily none of them was allergic. >> another strong weekend storm has a number of people cleaning up today. this summer has dealt to major blows. we've got more on the clean up tonight. it is hard to imagine what this family has gone through. workers were supposed to arrive this morning to repair damage that that is on hold because the rest of the roof is damaged
. >> it is a hazy sky out there too, in our belfort furniture weather center. only in the mid 60's, 57 in culpepper, but look at the temperatures now, into the mid- and's, he than 85 degrees for you folks and fredericksburg -- into the mid 80's even 85 degrees for you folks in fredericksburg paint these showers i think will stay to our north. -- in fredericksburg. these showers, i think, will stay to our north. north. there maybe some showers in enclosed to us by late in the afternoon. i will have all of the details in a few minutes. >> see you soon. the washington monument remains closed after the earthquake damage. brianne carter is live with the story. >> we have gotten used to the new look of the washington monument after the earthquakes one year ago and they are getting ready to put up scaffolding and begin repairs. this downtown landmark remains cracked and closed. some have wanted to go inside during their trip to the nation's capital. >> we have obviously, long way from australia to have a look. -- we have obviously come a long way. >> they hope to have it back open as soon as possible. th
into the high 70's. there will be outdoor recess tomorrow. >> every time it does rain, people get worried because of their streets and homes that flood. today, they got to meet with city officials on how to prevent that from happening again. did they really accomplish anything? >> the answer is no. i was inside city hall for hours and hours. one after another, more people talking about how they just cleaned out their bank trying to pay for all of these repairs. in several floods come up water up to her knees, her basement flooded twice. she just bought a house two years ago and she had to lean on her parents for help. she has spent $7,500 on home repairs in northwest d.c. a flooded again and again this summer. >> it was stressful. unbelievably stressful every time. >> the sewage system was installed in the late 1800's. a new system in the works will not be completed until 2025. water officials say to make improvements to prevent flooding in the city the council meets to approve it. -- needs to approve it. others cleaned out their savings making repairs. >> right now, it is the most tapped
suggests there could be a problem. >> this is the sixth panda cub die at the zoo sie the 1980's. they try to provide oxygen and perform cpr. she was pronounced dead before 10:30 in the morning. keeping a 24-hour watch on the cup's mother. the panda is demonstrating r -- we think it natural motherly and state. the mother was a good mother. is nurturing and gentle. they do not think she crushed the cup. people were to -- people were crushed by the loss. >> we heard about what happened. we are sad. sad. was when the baby died. >> it was a sad case. havee panda was found to her abdomen. it is another abnormality. the final report on her death is about two weeks. >> thank you. the panda is 14 years old. she has had five false pregnancy since 2007. officials have not talked about haveer they will insemination. >> the condition of the high students struck by a cruiser friday night is improvement. still trying to figure out how the accident happens. -- happened. reaction from the school today. >> the accident happened out here. it is the only street that runs into and out of the school.
yesterday. it clear and cool night. temperatures dropping through the 60's through the next few hours and late tonight into the 50's. through the overnight, like wind and clear skies, that is the range of wake of temperatures. 47-54 degrees. we will look at the first couple of days of autumn. in a few minutes. >> i will take you to a game. >> yesterday's store in cool things down but did leave a big mess for some people to clean up today. we have been around the area to check out the damage and the cleanup process that folks are dealing with today. >> what a storm. many of us in the area needed a broom to clean up the mess. others around the area needed insurance agents and huge blue tarps. in northeast d.c., tree limbs littered constitution ave. there were snapped wires. the damage was isolated to one block. >> i heard the trees snap and i did not know what was going on. >> the rain storm that swept through the area seem to punch harder depending on where you work. >> i looked out the window and i saw the wind blowing. >> nabhaneverything was still a pretty good. >> we are still goin
air and the strong september into thehave risen '70s. as thise as cool but a cool and wonderful morning heading out to the buses. it will be an outdoor kind of day. i will tell you how long the weather will continue. a few changes coming up. in a fewow you minutes. we turn now to a developing from capitol heights, md., where high school student was d on his way to school this morning. the 18-year-old was walking to school like he does every day are now searching for suspect and a motive. you say like he does every day, and that is exactly right. took every path he to walk to school. had gotten about half way and would give no further. he aspired to work in the fashion industry. ran track and loved too risque. his dad said he was a happy, normal student. >> you as a kind person. very kind. he struggled to understand how anyone would want to harm his son. morning, as he walked central high, somebody shot him dead. really talk. before 7:00ed just on old central ave. multiple callers reported a shooting. he was found in his school book bag with him. >> he had a bright spirit. he not
in frederick 76 in fredericksburg 72 in lexington park. we will slowly drop into the mid-60's and cool overnight, 52- 59. we will take care of the weather for you for the last full day of summer in of the minutes in the studio. >> a death connected to a medical spot in maryland is prompting state health officials now to take action. the first person got an infection after having liposuction at a medspa in timonium. >> cosmetic surgery centers in maryland should be licensed. currently they are not because the idea is doctors performing these procedures already have a license. monarch medspa in timonium shutdown after three people suffered from infection from a bacteria and one of them died. these women are shocked about the deaths. they work in a store a couple of doors down. >> i did not know you had to have a license to do that. >> because of this incident, health officials told us they are looking for ways to regulate and monitor these types of facilities, which also do breast implants and tummy tucks. >> liposuction surgery, and i certainly would not do it in a spot. -- in a spa. th
slow. outside, here is how look outside without temperatures. the 80's. we want to show you how these storms have been moving. lightning, either. the next stop is probably -- right now the are aroundrms towardck moving strasbourg. will be coming way but not until later on evening. in the meantime, for the next hours, temperatures low-80's. a slight chance there could be some hail. >> make sure you keep your cellphone nearby. check out our for updates and the latest forecast. has led to a new investigation. katherines say that bryant has been identified. family members reported the 33 old missing in 2006. foul play is suspected the so far no other information being released. we could be getting close -- rejected the have offer. what happens if pepco goes on strike? the toss of barrett is in washington with the latest. rett is in barr washington with the latest. the union long, representatives have been in a private meeting getting ready for the contract negotiations. there are a lot of what it is still floating around. fears of pepco and not reaching agreement are real for custom
, with temperatures falling into the 70's. the rest of the holiday weekend forecast and beyond, and if you like rain and like clouds you will be happy, over the next few days. >> all right, steve thank you. well the democratic national convention is about to kick off but first, what can you expend from charlotte? >> the election is just two months away. and they must now make an impression. last week, it was mitt romney having a time to shine. now, president obama is trying to see if he deserves another four years. >> president obama is now keying -- visiting key states in an effort to shore up support. >> we know we still have a lot of work to do to get to where we need to be but we will get there. >> charlotte, n.c., is where the democrats are hoping it will get done. one man says they must listen to the message that the obama economic message has failed this nation and slowed economic growth. >> when you have over 8% unemployment, you have to see. >> he says there are some on some economic accomplishments. >> financial reform, credit card reform. >> a white house adviser puts it this way. >> i th
, it was in the 1930's. as soon as the celebration broke and in thefield room following build a -- the win last --ht >> [inaudible] >> fans everywhere were quick to figure out their team had made it to the playoffs. today they were showing their "natittude." and looking forward to postseason baseball. that has not happened in a long time. >> that was three years before i born. did not see the game. only 76. been a lifelong d.c. baseball fan. see one of these games. >> you always want a world series, a championship team so i could go. they are everywhere else but here. e you look you saw a face on the person wearing w.urly how excited he is d.c. about baseball? at the ticketd up office, they learned there were tickets left. you cannot buy them. >> i was inquiring about it. you can only get them online. >> at last check, there were tickets left online. this is, ladies and gentlemen, the hottest ticket in town. >> good to hear. >> very exciting. ahead here on abc 7 at 5:00 including new on a series of a busy neighborhood. the suspect is behind bars but that is not enough. >> also a major and a surprise
and downpours. maybe flooding. a mess. it is a cloudy day. temperatures in the lower 70's. the story is the advancing storm center. these will bring moisture and potential for wind. all kinds of things are possible. there is a slight risk of severe weather already. the timing is 1:00 p.m. heavy rain is a possibility, but the wind is a bigger probability. overnight, scattered showers. the same in the morning. 3:00 tomorrow afternoon into the evening is when we will definitely be on storm watch. >> we are falling breaking news from virginia. authorities are investigating a murder-suicides that left two people dead and another with a gunshot wound. we do have a crew on the way. check back with us for more on the developing story. police are on an active scene in the district. there is a barricade situation going on. it is at 13th and congress. it involves an overnight shooting. the neighborhood is on lockdown. sam ford is live with the latest. >> i am in congress park in southeast washington. it remains on lockdown, as it has been since early this morning. police fire, and ambulance are
levels in the lower 70's. the wind will be easing overnight. here it is. our current temperature and daytime high. 83 martinsburg. dulles 84. leesburg showing 78 degrees. so far today 0.6 inches of rain. no rain to speak of at george washington university. stevens bill, maryland, 0.8 inches of rain -- stevensville. temperatures will cool overnight. 81 is the current temperature in winchester where the clouds have been thicker. now we're looking at some stronger storms just to the north and east of the sea in the baltimore area. what is now left of isaac is the orange area. we will look for this area of low pressure to slowly move our direction as it moves through the next 24-48 hours. with the clouds comes a better chance for heavier downpour into the day tomorrow and we cannot rule out the chance for flash flooding. we will be on the lookout for the next few days. right now, no flash flood warnings across the immediate metro area. doppler radar showing right conditions. just to the north and west of us toward baltimore is where we have the heavier cells. clouds will stick around
story s roommate died of gunshot went ahead. he wasn't home at first and then said he was there. he lowered his gun and roommate. r his he says he panicked and took -- f thethe gun out o apartment. that mcqueenins himself. the prosecutors painted him as killer whosed guilt. ove his defense attorneys say he was a scared former army ranger france afghanistan here reacted hisibly when he found friend dead. about what would happen if investigators discovered he had used a gun to shoot himself. convicted of second- which did not prosecutors to prove smith intended to kill. that and a gun charge got him 35 years. appellate court threat conviction because the judge trial refused to allow testimony pertaining to of mind, state depressed after a be why rest surely before his death. - could be key to the is video tape for he has table andown on the said i am so sorry. likely decide whether he's sorry for what he morer sorry for not doing to help a friend who was depressed and possibly suicidal. >> thank you. we want to turn now to the trail. up ahead of the morning in woodbridge see president
- 60's. -- by game time, most areas be partly cloudy. lot attendant has to stealingty parking fees. federal prosecutors say he is of three employees to began money in april of 2009. all three were arrested last month. maximum of 10 years in prison. the efforts to a big voters were veterans, active military, and their family members. of call this the fight over the men and women who t for a living. is one of the reasons we are constant stops in virginia by the candidates. neither has served in the military. they both play the parts as much possible, whether it is being by former navy secretary, or another uniformed background. is an honor to be here you. >> mitt romney is behind in winning amongs veterans. a massive block of 800,000 often reliable voters. more and more people are waking up. more people. >> he told us -- >> we do not cut our military budget. cuts the president has his own military cheering section. >> i see those military families whether theiring are going to come back,. the end of the iraq war is down.g mitt romney dismisses a large group of the population,
and temperatures in the low to mid '80s. it is muggy. any exertion outside, you will feel the combination of heat and humidity. a gentle breeze, not a cooling breeze. only 0.1 inches of rain. most of the rain was in mature area south, especially the heavy rain. ground clutter right now. this is not any rain. just when this sell east of the cumberland that that is about it. that will be the trend it through the night. 79 in gaithersburg. 82 in the nation's capital. comfortable temperature wise across the northeast and mid- atlantic states. more humidity to the south. to the west, it starts to warm up with full days of sunshine. these are the two points measuring moisture in the air. any tiny have two points above 70 and temperatures above 80, it is uncomfortable. to the northwest things start to change. that is of the measure vowed friday the areas and that will be coming to our region by sunday. big changes around the corner. flooding in the fredericksburg area and western stafford with a severe thunderstorm warning. looking for a pretty summary day to mark your 90 degrees. an
to the heating of the ground. partially to mostly sunny, warm, humid. temperatures holding in the upper 80's. 89 in silver spring after a high of 92. 87 in upper marlboro. a gentle breeze out of the south. 88 at reagan national. 90 in gaithersburg. 90 degrees at washington dulles. temperatures are warm but it will change by sunday and early next week. high pressure off to the east coast. this will keep a very warm and humid. just enough of some motion coming in from the al west to produce these pop up showers. we have one right near martinsburg, west virginia, right now. the bigger picture shifts back to the west and we focus on this line of developing showers and storms with a cold front. that will be the major weather maker. there could be a few renegade showers and storms here and there. the storm's center powering this is a greater risk for more widespread damaging severe storms will be to the north of our viewing area. across the area here, we do have a chance of severe storms, may be an isolated tornadoes through the midafternoon. here's how the futurecast lays things out. midafternoon for
. the best chances will be south of washington. 90's in germantown. not much or breeze out there. -- of a breeze out there. some cloud cover west of the metro area. showers have been moving in the same track, moving through areas near culpeper county and they're drifting toward the i-95 corridor. during the evening, and the storm activity will stay south of the area. there are few more showers across the appalachians. this is back behind the system stretching from southwestern ohio and southwest through louisville. this whole thing, computer models are diminishing this but we will keep a close eye on it. bob ryan will keep a close eye on it. we will keep an eye on that. tomorrow there could be a chance of showers. this will lead up to a pattern changed. 85 in washington. 86 in raleigh. the local humidity levels make it uncomfortable. it feels like it is 93 in the nation's capital because the heat and humidity have combined. more sunshine in recent days. a big blow break here and that is where most of the clouds and showers have been. you see the track moving from west to east and
to the continental u.s. anytime soon. back to you. >> all right thanks, doug. >> make sure you get that in. >> do not worry. mentioning a pennant race in washington, people would laugh but it is real. 28 games left to play. it is september. and in baseball, it does not get any better than this. the nationals are getting ready for tonight's game with the cubbies. 30 games over 500 with 82 wins. henie numbers for washington for anyone but listen. -- heady numbers. >> we want to have more than 82 and right now. we are just going to keep playing the game that we are planning. >> a great attitude from the rookie. and kicking up tomorrow night with the dallas cowboys and the new york giants. the redskins play the saints sunday afternoon as you know. on abc 7 we jump straight into our pro football preview in primetime. >> what we thought this franchise needed. we put a little bit of a jolt in it. >> i am at a point in my career where i am focused on one goal. >> nfl football is back. >> "tim brant's pro football preview." >> we will hear from one of the most successful owners in the nfl. rg iii you will
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21